when I joined the army, I just needed to get away for a little while.


Jesus. Other people exist, maybe?

Ian: *comes home inexplicably bruised and battered*
Ian: *stays in bed for days on end*
Ian: *stays out all night and drinks himself to sleep*
Ian: *shows obvious signs of depression/suicide*
Ian: *leaves home for weeks (during the school year)*
Ian: *maintains literally no contact except for like two texts*
Debbie: Have you guys heard from Ian?
Fiona: Debs listen... I trust him. It's fine.
Lip: Who dat


Ian and Mickey + Social Media - Instagram (2/?) 

Shameless - school

"Mickey wants to kill you. I don’t want him to go to Juvie.”

I loved this whole thing because Frank is a POS and Ian’s just like “I don’t want Mickey to go to juvie so let’s not let him kill you”.